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Isabel and Ruben Toledo, Patagonia, and Otis Fashion Students Dress Us for 2030

Cargo pants? So 2010! How about a cargo evening gown?

A group of students from Otis College of Art and Design believe that kind of utilitarian,
multi-functional fashion is what we'll all be draping around our shoulders 20 years from now.

Under the mentorship of Isabel and Ruben Toledo (designers best known for designing Michelle Obama's inaugural attire) the students worked in partnership with outdoor clothing company Patagonia to imagine clothing made for our near future, with convertible features that give pieces the ultimate functionality.

Planning for our potentially nomadic, highly mobile lifestyles, where we'll be toting our personal tech and communication gear alongside basic necessities, students first created a storage unit that converted into another wearable item.

The second step was to use this convertible bag in a fashion ensemble that could go from day to evening.

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Lee Yang designs Lee Yang designs


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